On Wrapping Up International Picture Posting Month

So today is going to be my last large batch of screenshots. I had meant to spread them out between more posts but you know, lazy. So here are the last few that I have taken from Fallout 4 that I had not already posted to Twitter. I think this puts me up to 50, which was the goal for the month. This is the same as the one above it, just messed with contrast so you could see detail a bit better.

On More Fallout 4 Screenshots – Wandering the Wasteland

So November will be over in a few days, and I’ve been meaning to upload a few more screenshots for the whole IntPiPoMo thing that I’ve been participating in. I’ve been sitting on these for a few days, so this will be a lengthy screenshot post. I think this will put me up to 47 screenshots, which just leaves another 3 to get to the 50 screenshot goal. These were all taken over the last few days while just running around exploring or doing side quests. I pulled out any that might possibly be a spoiler, so there shouldn’t be any spoilers here. There are some named items included, but I don’t count those as spoilers.

On Weekend In The Wasteland (mostly)

So this weekend, aside from having to come in to work for a bit Saturday, was mostly spent playing Fallout 4. I was able to play sparingly throughout the week, but never more than a couple hours per day because, you know, being an adult and the whole “you have to go to work” thing. I mean honestly, who needs to pay bills? So yeah, this weekend I was able to start wandering around a bit more and completing side quests. I will say this about the game, it can be kind of hard to get in to if you’re not familiar with the mechanics. The stat system is not very well defined early on in the game and some builds (or at least mine) feel week early in the game. I went for what is supposed to be a stealth build, but it isn’t really working out for me … Read more…

On More Fallout 4 Screenshots

So there isn’t much new to talk about with my current playthrough, but I did take a number of screenshots yesterday. Be warned there are some exploding heads and maybe spoilers. I don’t really think any are spoilers, but it’s a matter of opinion. There isn’t anything story related, just an item you can pick up. First up is probably one of the funnier pieces of loot I’ve picked up so far. I got this off of a Super Mutant that I killed and was named something like “Super Mutant Orders” This bear thing you guys, wow, it wrecked me pretty hard. I used a lot of molotovs to take it down. Looks like this little jerk is napping. Their hard shells made it hard to kill. First legendary piece of gear The guy who dropped said legendary gear Spent most of my night working my way across the map … Read more…

On Fallout 4 – Initial Impressions and Screenshots

So yesterday (for those of use getting physical editions) saw the release of Fallout 4. A game that from my understanding had a lot of hype around it. I picked it up because it looked good, having never gotten in to the series prior to this title. I do own Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, but I’ve never gotten very far. Now obviously the game has only been out for a little over 24 hours, so I am not going to be doing a review here, just some initial impressions and some screenshots. Not being far in to the story, it seems like it has a good starting point and has so far moved at a good pace. I’m not going to get in to spoilers, but this was in the trailer so it doesn’t really count. The game starts off pre-nukes so you get about 5 minutes of … Read more…