On Okay Nintendo, You Win

Today’s post is going to be a bit short. I actually almost forgot to write anything at all to be honest. As things usually go today was a fairly busy day at work starting off with a nice long meeting that almost put me to sleep followed by a mad rush to do a few code changes and lots of SQL scripts.

So as I mentioned previously, this week is E3 week and all sorts of announcements are coming out and game trailers are being released. One of the games that I’ve been waiting a long time to hear about is the new Zelda title on the Wii U. Now, here’s the thing, I don’t own a Wii U. Up until now I have not felt like there has been enough of a reason to buy the system. I know there are some great Mario titles out there, but that just isn’t enough for me.

Now that they’ve announced a new regular Zelda game (I’m not counting Zelda Hyrule Warriors as canon) I finally have a game I want that system for. I’m not going to go out and buy the system right away though, I’ll wait to see if there is a special edition console first. Zelda has been and always will be a system seller for me. Twilight Princess was the reason I got a Wii on release day, even if I didn’t finish it. And the new 3DS title “A Link Between Worlds” is why I got the 3DS special edition.

Zelda has always been one of my favorite games ever since “A Link To The Past” on the SNES. I’ll admit I’ve never finished the NES versions, and I’ve not played every game in the series but I’d like to remedy that at some point.

So all I have to say to Nintendo at this point is, “Shut up and take my money”.