On Kickboxing

A bit off the gaming topics, but as you may know I also plan to talk a bit about fitness stuff. Because I can.

So if you’ve read everything I’ve posted, and if not you should, then you might remember me talking about signing up for a kickboxing class in order to help myself lose weight. I’m not a small person by any means and have quite a bit to lose to reach a “healthy” weight.

So last night was the first official class for me. Went down to the place after work and signed up for the 1 year membership at the low low price of $129 a month. So even if this class is hard I have that money as the incentive to keep going. Let’s just say that by the time I got home an hour and a half later that pretty much every muscle in my body ached. Today I’m still sore but not painfully so.

A bit of a description about what I was doing last night to give you an idea of what this class is doing. Started off with everyone in the class doing jump rope. Now I mentioned I am not a small person, and I probably haven’t used a jump rope since high school, if not junior high so I’m a bit out of practice. You wouldn’t think this, but 10 minutes of that is a long time. I had to stop multiple times to get a drink and catch my breath before starting back up. By the time that was over I was already ready to go home and go to bed. And that was only after 10 minutes.

Since I’m a beginner they pulled me in to a second group to learn the basics so spent the next half hour or some basic footwork and punches. The footwork wasn’t bad, just have to get it down a little bit better. Same with punching, I understand the movements but I’m not used to it yet and don’t have the muscle memory to do it without looking stupid. Last thing they had us doing was some exercise bike time, squats and sit-ups. I felt this was the easiest part because it didn’t involve anything I wasn’t used to.

So after one class, I can say I am probably going to enjoy it, even if I complain a lot. The guys that run the place are all really cool and don’t want you to overdo it. They’re making sure you stay hydrated and take breaks when you have to. My hope s that this will really help me lose the weight I want to lose and get me used to doing stuff that I can do on my own if I don’t stay on after the year is over.

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  1. Stick with it Dr. H, your body will thank you for it eventually. :) As a side note, I am very bad at jump rope. Yes I get tired, but I get uncoordinated a lot faster than I get tired! :P

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