Freshman Year at Stupid Jerkface University

Life after high school was pretty great. I was no longer the shy, reclusive kid I was when I first left home, but a outgoing, popular young man. People didn’t really know about my love of General Hospital, but nobody was surprised by my decision to become a doctor after all, my favorite subject was anatomy.  Though that was as much a literal thing as it was figurative  Since I knew for a couple years that I wanted to go in to medical school I had read every book the school could offer on the subject, as well as biology and chemistry.

People often wonder why I decided to go to Stupid Jerkface University to get my medical degree when I had several better offers. The reason I told everyone was because it was close to home, and I didn’t want to be to far away from my family. The real reason was because my high school sweetheart Anna was going to go to school there to also study medicine. However, unlike myself, her goals were simple. All she wanted was to go back to her hometown and be the school nurse. I had loftier goals, wanting to be the best brain surgeon there ever was.

With my test scores it was no problem gaining admittance to SJU. They even offered me a full scholarship to come study there. I enrolled for my freshman year and got right to work. I left my past behind me and left that school with no regrets. My sisters having graduated a couple years before me had already left town and moved on with their lives. Felicia had gotten in to a well respected acting school and was doing well there. Kate and Ricki had moved to California to work on their music career. At that time they were still doing small gigs, and working on getting representation. This was before most social media was around, so it was a bit tougher to do then.

The first year at SJU was uneventful, I spent my days going to class and nights working on coursework. I tried to keep Anna in the mix, but that fell apart fairly quickly. Sadly I was to caught up in my own life to notice though, and when I did I found that it didn’t really matter to me. I wanted to be the best there was, and commitments only dragged you down. After the break-up I was more focused on my work, quickly rising to the top of my class. I knew people talked about me behind my back, but that didn’t bother me.

I did do some tutoring on the side to make spending money. Mostly it was Chemistry, as that was one of my favorite subjects. My most profitable sessions came from one of my fellow classmates named Paul, who always seemed to struggle with the class. He had told me that was his 6th time taking the course and just couldn’t stand to get a bad grade again. He was a likable guy, even if he was a bit chemistry stupid. Probably could have done better with himself if he got away from the computer games, and collecting comic books. His sessions alone practically paid for my second semester.

That was pretty much my first year at SJU, studying, tutoring and dealing with people talking about me behind my back. I stayed at the top of my class that first year. Sure there were times that I missed my family, but in the end I couldn’t concern myself with that. Looking back that was is one of my greatest regrets, but that is part of a later story.