On Hearthstone

So if you follow me on twitter you’ll have noticed the last few days I’ve mentioned hearthstone quite a few times. This is because I’ve been playing it quite a bit more the last week or two. Blizzard recently launched the “Curse of Naxxramas” expansion that gives players 3 NPC boss battles per week for around 5 weeks. Each week 3 bosses unlock, and defeating each of them gives you a new pair of minion cards. Defeating all 3 unlocks a boss minion, challenge modes and the heroic versions of the bosses.

Out of all the card games I’ve played, which granted is not extensive in size, I feel like I like Hearthstone the best. At least at the moment. Eventually HEX will release their game with the CO-OP dungeons and avatars that you can get gear for. But until then I like Hearthstone better. It’s free to play, which is always a bonus, and any additional decks can be purchased for gold earned by playing the game. Even paying cash the cost of packs of 5 cards is not terrible. I think it is $2 per pack of 5, but you can get the same pack for 100 gold. It is definitely easier to just pay real money, but if you’re good enough it is entirely possible to fund all your packs via gold.

Like any card game the majority of the time will be spent playing against other players, which is something I normally avoid due to a dislike of PVP. That stems a lot from PVP chat which I’ve never found pleasant. In Hearthstone there is no player v player chat other than a select list of emotes. Since I don’t have to worry about someone talking trash or saying insulting things I find it a bit funner to do. Plus the matches tend to go fairly quickly. I’ve rarely had a match last over 10 minutes. I might not win all the time but it’s still fun. And with the release of additional content (for $20) there is more single player content to do.

Now there is one thing I think could be improved which is that I wish the chat feature was not garbage. I’m not sure why they couldn’t allow me to have a regular chat window to talk to my friends while I play. I understand this might be because this is a tablet/mobile friendly game but I don’t feel it is to much work to detect the device being used and then set which chat feature is used.

That being said, I enjoy playing the game and have dropped money on card packs so that I could find a play style that suits me.