Sophmore Year at SJU

My sophomore year at SJU went by pretty quick. Sophomore year was more about Organic Chemistry rather than the general chemistry I had during my Freshman year. I continued to earn money on the side with tutoring, not as much as the previous year, but enough to get by.

I find that there isn’t much to talk about when discussing your college years. Everything, for the most part,  is fairly routine. You meet some interesting people, and you have fun when you can, but when you have lofty goals you have to put a lot of that aside.  However, there were a couple of interesting things that happened during that semester. At least interesting enough that they still stick out after all these years.

During the fall semester of my Sophomore year I was living on the third floor of the dorms. The rooms were fairly sparse, two desks, two beds, two closets and a sink. The beds, for whatever reason, were made out of polyester. These were connected to the closets and folded up in to the wall. On the wall part of the bed was a small shelf so that you could set a lamp, or books above your bed when it was folded down.

One guy on the floor had a brilliant plan to light a candle and stick it up there and leave the room for awhile. Needless to say that didn’t turn out so well.Around midnight that night the smoke alarms in the building went off and we all had to evacuate the building while the fire department came out to put this geniuses room out. Thankfully nobody got hurt. The next day when I left to go to my classes you could see the mattress laying in the bushes with a nice char mark where the candle had fallen on it.

The other really interesting thing that I remember happening was getting my roommate arrested. Not that I got him arrested on purpose or anything *cough*. I just didn’t lie to the cops for him, which resulted in him getting hauled out of the room. I was sitting up late one night NOT playing Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast when my roommate came running in, killing the lights and jumping behind his bed.

The story he told me was that him and a few of his friends had been running around campus with super-soakers spraying girls’ shirts for fun. Which led to them being chased back to the dorms by campus police.  The building we stayed in at the time was shaped like the letter ‘H’ so the police just stood outside and watched for the guys to get off the elevators and then which rooms had lights that came on or went off. A few minutes after my roommate had come back in the police came knocking at our door. When the asked if someone had just come in I pointed over to the other side of the room and said “He’s behind the bed.”

Funny enough, I found out that this same roommate became a cop. Thankfully he didn’t have any hard feelings about getting busted, or at least never said anything about it.

Those were the only events I can remember from that semester. My grades slipped a little bit, but I was able to recover and keep a good GPA
heading in to my Junior year.