On Some Thoughts On The Comic Industry

So this is a post I’ve been meaning to write, but just haven’t had the time to actually sit down and type something up.

Recently I purchased one of the Humble Comic Bundles that rotate selections every week or two. The one I picked up had around $300 worth of comics that you basically pay what you want for and the money goes to charity. What’s really cool here is that the comics that you are buying are all DRM free. Now that wouldn’t stop me from buying them anyways. If I had to put some code in to one of the apps (comixology, marvel, dc, image, etc..) I would be fine doing that.

This specific bundle was for Image comics and contained several volume ones for some of their titles. Some I didn’t recognize, but the big draw was that for paying over a certain price you would get the first 18 issues of Saga, which I had heard was really good. To me, even if I spent $20 I was getting a great deal. I don’t know what the retail value would be for that would be but I know it is considerably more than $20 to get 18 issues of any series right now.

This got me thinking about how great of a idea this is and how I wish more comic book publishers would get in on this. First off, their providing exposure to titles that people might not ordinarily pick up. Secondly, it’s for charity, and who doesn’t like giving money to a good cause?

I know that there are ways to “obtain” comics online. But honestly the comic industry seems to be struggling enough. I am not going to be a jerk and download a ripped copy off of some torrent site because I’m cheap. So bundles like this are perfect for me. I can drop $20, get a ton of comics and maybe find some new titles I’m interested in reading. This certainly happened in this case.

Now, I didn’t like everything I got in the bundle. I didn’t care for the artwork in some, and in others I didn’t care for the writing, but that is based on my personal preferences, not anything against the writers/artists of those titles.

Now, digital comics aren’t exactly new, they’ve been around a few years now. You can pretty much get any comic digitally the same day as print now. Personally I prefer print, but that’s somewhat unrelated. Right now I feel that of all the publishers that do the same day digital service that only Marvel does it right. Now this might not be accurate, but of the publishers I buy from only Marvel gives ¬†you a digital code without charging you extra for a combo-pack like DC does (which is why I refuse to by DC combo-packs).

That’s a bit off the original topic, but I feel that Marvel has that one thing right. I just wish all publishers would consider doing bundles like that. They do routinely have in app sales where an issue might cost $0.99, but you’d still have know if that was something you wanted. I wouldn’t want to go spending $20 on 20 issues of something I’ve never read just to see if I like it.

On the other side of that I wish more publishers did what Marvel does and not charge you extra for a digital copy if you’re already spending $5 for the print issue.