On A Quick Note About Warcraft Subscription Tokens

This morning I was going through twitter and saw a tweet mentioning that Blizzard was going to be adding in a way for people to play WoW by buying tokens on the in game auction house. This means that if you have enough gold (mad farming skills) you can pay for your game time without paying with real money.

I’m not really sure of the popularity of this idea, as I saw plenty of complaints about it already, mostly relating it to gold sellers. Personally I feel that as long as this is done right that it could be a good way of allowing more people the opportunity to play.

My main concern is that the community apparently decides on the price of the token. People being people will start out by trying to take advantage of this by charging obscene amounts for the tokens. I would rather that this be something you buy from a vendor rather than from other players. Maybe after the initial prices don’t work it will come down, but my hope is that they (Blizzard) will have designed it in such a way to keep players from charging too much.

They are also going to let you buy these tokens with real money, so that you can sell them on the auction house. I assume that would be the only reason since why buy them to pay your subscription? If you have the money to buy the token, surely you have the money to pay the subscription cost. It isn’t like the failed real money auction house Diablo 3 attempted so you have no means to sell it for real money.

Once purchased from the auction house the item becomes soul bound to the purchaser. This prevents playing the auction house at least. No buy low, sell high here.

I think that some of the complaints were comparing this to the illegal gold sellers that are everyone. But to me if, and I mean if I were to use this as a way to make gold I would find it preferable, and safer, than giving my payment info to one of those sites.

They haven’t announced how much the tokens will cost for real money, but I’d like to see where this goes. If the prices in the auction house aren’t stupid I can see this working out for Blizzard, especially their bank accounts.

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