On Olli Olli 2

The other day I was checking out the Playstation store to see what the March free games were since they were fixing to no longer be free. While I was looking I came across Olli Olli 2 and decided to download it. Olli Olli 2 is a 2D skateboarding game developed by and was released on PS4 and PS Vita in March 2015.

The truth is I can’t skateboard, I’m just not agile or fit enough to do it. I did own a skateboard as a kid, but all I could ever do was push it down the street. So I like skateboarding games because I can live vicariously through them. Similar to other games where you slay dragons. I can’t do it in real life, so video games allow me to do it.

Olli Olli 2 is a fun, addictive little game. I’ll admit that I was up till almost 2am this morning trying to get past one of the levels….Which I still haven’t finished. The game starts off fairly easy, but quickly ramps up, no pun intended. You have to master key skills in order to complete some of the later levels, as well as to achieve high scores.

The controls are pretty standard for skateboarding games. You move the stick in a pattern to do a trick, and you have to time a button press upon landing to determine if you crash or land successfully. It sounds pretty simple but the game is fairly brutal when it comes to difficulty. Later levels often have gimmicks that force you to react quickly. Which at 1am is quite challenging, just saying.

The music is also good.I’m not sure if it is techno or not.I’m not one of the cool kids who can identify types of music. It’s pretty fast paced music which works well with the game.

My only complaint is that the controls trick controls are a bit hard to learn. But that is every skateboarding game ever. So not holding it against the game. It might, in fact, just be that I suck at the game.

I’ll close this post out with a video clip I pulled off my system this morning. I’m not sure about the video quality. I think it maxes out at 720p which is what the PS4 records at.



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