On Easing Back In To Things

So I haven’t written anything recently due to the personal life stuff (see previous post), and I’ve just had no motivation to do much of anythings. So this still won’t be a typical gaming post Per se, but there will be some so don’t worry.

If you didn’t read the last post, and don’t want to, I’ve been fairly cut off from the world for the last 3 weeks due to someone I care about a lot passing away. I’ll admit that I’ve not been in a good place mentally. I haven’t had much motivation to do anything other than go to work and then go home and lay on the couch. I realize that this is not a good pattern to keep following so I’m using the whole Blaugust thing to try to help myself ease back in to the world.

First off if you don’t know what Blaugust is, it’s from an idea that my friend Belghast came up with last year that encourages bloggers to try writing a post a day for the entire month of August.

So like I said, over the last 3 weeks I’ve been fairly dormant when I’m not at work. In the last week or so I did start trying to play games again. Just a little at a time. Picked up a couple of games on PSN (Wolfenstein The Old Blood / Arkham Knight: A Matter of Family DLC) and plan to play those this weekend. I’ve also been trying to play Hearthstone again. I haven’t been doing the ranked ladder, but went back and have started trying to beat the Naxxramas Adventure on Heroic. Right now I’m about half-way through, and maybe in another week I’ll be finished.

Getting back in to Hearthstone feels pretty easy. There are ways for me to play by myself, and without a chat system in play I can still do the ranked matches, or the new tavern brawl mode, without having to deal with jerks talking trash (which is why I don’t do MOBA’s).

I also went to my first real comic-con as well. I drove down to Houston last weekend to visit with my friends dad and to pack up some of her stuff to bring home with me, and while I was there we went to Space City Comic Con. I had a bit of spending money available and was able to come out with some interesting items. While the trip itself was a bit sad, I had a good time. I brought back a ton of old games, including an original PS1 copy of Final Fantasy 7 as well as a bunch of collectible figures and unopened collectors editions.

I also watched part of Sharktopus on SciFy which was just freaking awful.

So with that, I’ll be trying to post every day this month. I’ll be categorizing everything under Blaugust. As long as everything works right this will autopost to twitter, and cross post on to Aggrochat.

9 thoughts on “On Easing Back In To Things”

  1. *hugs* Slow and steady. Glad to hear you’re easing back into things again, looking forward to hearing more from you over August.

    • Just a day to day thing. I’m hoping that doing some writing will at least provide a needed distraction.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your loved one. I hope that you know that it’s okay to be in this kind of “funk” after something like that (some people call it depression, a phase, or whatever). It’s common and you’re not alone. I hope that Blaugust helps you make the necessary steps for you to be okay with everything and keep moving forward.

    This Blaugust should be a fun time! Also *internet stranger hugs*

    • That’s what I’m hoping as well. I’ve been pretty vocal about what I’ve been going through, some on twitter and some on my personal FB account. It’ll probably be awhile before I’m back to 100%, but every day is a little better.

  3. Losing someone is like setting off a EMP blast and your passion is electricity-based. Food tastes worst, games are less fun, and writing becomes a huge slog. I recently lost someone too and it was a struggle to enjoy life, even though that’s exactly what she would’ve wanted me to be doing. Writing did help though. Either I got to channel some thoughts/emotions out, or I found ways to let it distract me from other thoughts.

    I wish you the best of luck in your journey back to normal, as well as your Blaugust run!

    • Sorry to hear that you’ve recently had to go through this too. It’s not something that I’ve had to deal with before so it’s almost like hitting me twice. I’m looking at it the same way though, I don’t think she would want me being miserable and doing nothing. It’s still just having to put in that effort to do even menial things.I’ve been able to express myself a little bit, and writing certainly helps. Gaming does provide a nice distraction, though I’m still having to avoid certain games that trigger memories.

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