On Hearthstone – Heroic Naxxramas

So I’m pretty sure this is something that I’ve talked about before, but after spending the weekend playing Hearthstone again I feel like I should reiterate the point.

*AHEM* RNG can be a real pain in the rear.

As previously mentioned I’ve been working through Heroic Naxxramas in Hearthstone over the last week or so, mostly trying to get through at least one boss per day. As of last night I am up to Sapphiron, leaving just that one and Kel’Thuzad in order to earn the special card back for completing the Naxxramas adventure on heroic.

I did manage to clear the four bosses in the construct quarter using decks I found at Hearthpwn, but got stuck on that stupid dragon for four hours before finally giving up for the night. I probably would have gone a bit longer, but today is Monday and I can’t just not go to work cause I overslept from playing video games all night. I mean this isn’t my freshman year of college (thanks Phantasy Star Online for that).

The problem I am having so far is that the bosses hero power destroys any minion you may summon at the start of their turn, and costs 0 mana. The only real strategies I’ve found are to have specific minions in you deck that you benefit from them dying. Namely Nerrubian Egg (dying summons a 4/4 creature) and Mad Scientist which gives you a free secret from your deck. I did manage to get it down to 2 health once, but died to Fatigue without any spell cards to burn that last two health down.

I plan to give this another shot tonight, as I’d like to be done with all the heroic bosses by the Saturday morning. I found a decent looking warrior deck that I want to try out tonight.

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  1. Yeah, RNG annoyed me enough that I avoid single player Hearthstone altogether now. I know I could make it work if I kept trying, but it just isn’t that much fun for the effort.

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