On Hearthstone – Heroic Naxxramas 2

So today’s post won’t be the longest post, I start on call at work today and haven’t really thought up a good topic just yet. So I’m going to simply write up a follow up post to the one from yesterday where I talked a little bit about what I was doing in Hearthstone over the weekend.

During my lunch break yesterday I did a little research on decks that had successfully beaten heroic Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad since that was my goal for the week. For Sapphiron the problem that I was running in to was that most mage decks, well any really but I went with mage, require you to have a specific rare/legendary card that I just didn’t have. In the case of the mage deck most tend to want you to have Ice Block, which makes you immune to lethal damage when triggered. The problem is that I’ve never obtained that card through packs and I don’t have enough dust to craft it.

The problem I was running in to is that Sapphiron kills any minion that you have on the start of the their turn, so you either have to use a minion that summons another minion on death or use charge minions to help keep the board clear. So the strategy that I went with relied heavily on three cards, and a lot of praying to the gods of RNG (or the heart of the cards for you Yu-Gi-Oh fans). The trick being that you have a Duplicate secret and then play both Fuegen and Stallag on the same turn. When they both die at the same time you get 2 Thadius minions (both 11/11) on the board and duplicate gives you another Fuegen or Stallag, which if it dies again gives you another Thadius. The problem that you run in to with this strategy is that you have to be able to survive up until turn 10, which is tricky.

It wound up taking me somewhere around an hour to pull it off, but I finally managed to beat Sapphiron with 15 health left thanks to a couple heal cards that came in the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion.

Once I beat Sapphiron I moved on to Kel’Thuzad himself. This is another RNG heavy fight which had me swearing at my computer for an hour or more, though I felt it was still easier than Sapphiron. The trick to this fight is being able to either survive long enough to run him out of cards, or deal lots of burst damage really fast. The deck I ended up going with is in the video below, but the basic strategy is to get out a high health taunt minion and keep it alive by buffing it’s health ridiculously high and then hitting him in the face.

The problem here is that once Kel’Thuzad loses his shield his hero power turns in to “Oh hey you have that awesome minion? I’m just gonna take that”. So this is where part of the RNG comes in. You have to have enough minions on the board that he MIGHT not take the one you’ve been buffing up. I managed to have two minions out each with 16 damage and a full board of other minions. I got lucky on the last game and he didn’t pull either of those which allowed me to win. I just had to concede several matches because you HAVE to have the 3 cost 1/8 taunt minion out on turn 3.

In the end though I’m glad I finished it. I took screenshots but forgot to email them to myself to put in here. I’m typing this up at work and don’t have access to my Hearthstone screenshots.

Also, the video is in Russian I think, but has English text overlaid describing the strategy. My fight went very close to the person who made the video.

Deck List in case this is something you might want to try – Budget Priest Deck for Heroic Kel’Thuzad

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