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So this is Day 7 of the Bluagust challenge. It seems that for now my site is back up and running after a few days of being down for whatever reason. Today’s post is brought to you by another writing prompt from the Blaugust Nook.

What is your preferred gaming platform? Are you a multi-platform gamer or do you stick to one platform all the time? What is it about that gaming platform that you like?

I will say it’s a tough choice to make to say which platform I prefer, but I would have to go with Consoles. I think that the reason for this partially stems from the fact that most of my early gaming experiences were on consoles. Yeah we had an Atari, and I played a lot of those math games on my dad’s old Hewlett Packard. But my first real fun gaming memories come from that 8-bit NES I got for Christmas one year with Mario/Duck Hunt and Track & Field with the controller pad. I think that was around 1988? That’s the release date I found for Track & Field 2 is anyways. I just remember being a very small child, 6 at the time (yes I’m old, get off my lawn).

Growing up that was what most people had, sure there were pc games around but I couldn’t tell you the statistics of actual ownership there was at the time. Back then nobody cared what you played on. But, at any rate, I grew up with consoles. We started off with the 8-bit NES and moved up to a SNES and a Sega Genesis in the early 90’s. I remember getting in to fights with my sister over her “cheap button mashing” tactics that she used when playing Mortal Kombat together. I also remember the Christmas my dad came to visit and brought us Sim City for the SNES and left it running all night just to see how the city would develop on it’s own.

After that we moved up to the Nintendo 64 & Playstation, and eventually the Sega Dreamcast. We didn’t have the Sega CD or the Sega Saturn, though I do now own the Saturn. The Playstation 2 came out my first year of college in 2000 and I remember my dorm roommate having one which we played Tekken 3 on (I lost constantly). Somewhere in that time period I got the first XBox that came out for Christmas and played that some. I enjoyed trying to get in to the OS using a certain kind of network cable and a buffer overflow bug in one of the James Bond games.

Later on I picked up the PS3 and XBox 360 when they were out and had those for a long time. I think I started playing less of the XBox once I started playing games on the PC around 2005 or so, but I always went back to the PS3. Currently I go back and forth between the PS4 and PC. I do own a 3DS and a Wii, I just hardly ever play them. I have a hard time with handhelds, and there hasn’t really been anything interesting on the Nintendo in a while, nothing to sell me a Wii U at least.

So even though I enjoy PC gaming, I tend to gravitate more towards my consoles. Like I said, mostly due to growing up on them, but also because most days I really just want to be by myself. I don’t always enjoy playing on the computer now because I sit in front of one all day at work. It’s also just really expensive keeping a PC current, where with a console you know every game you buy will work on the system. I just like playing a game with a good story that can keep me busy for a couple hours here and there. I have started moving towards games that last longer than a handful of hours just because I feel that if I’m going to spend that much money on a game I should at least get a good amount of play out of it.

I won’t really talk about the whole PC vs Console/Which console is better argument. I don’t think that one is better than the other. As long as you are doing something you enjoy who cares what system you’re playing on?

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