On Far Cry 3

I feel like I need more characters than twitter provides for once so I can accurately describe my experience with the game.

I’ll start off by saying I played through this on the PC, not the console. I am not going to say any system is better than the other, I just enjoy playing on the computer when I can. I picked this one up on the PC mainly because my desktop could handle it and because it was on sale on Steam.


For the most part I really enjoyed how the game looked visually. I was able to really get in to the game while playing because the environments were so detailed. When crouching in the grass to try a stealth approach you could see in between individual blades of grass. The way the day/night cycles shifted was believable just because of the way the shadows were cast and how it looked reflected off of the water. So basically, yeah I really enjoyed the way the game looked visually.


Anyone who has ever played Minecraft can attest to their stress level going up whenever they can hear a creeper somewhere nearby, even if you can’t tell where it is. I had the same stress jump whenever going through a heavy jungle area and I heard the growl of some predatory animal. Early on in the game when I didn’t have as much health, or high powered weapons running in to tigers or bears usually was a death sentence. Not so much after procuring the extra health and some really nice automatic weapons.  Still, it was not pleasant to be in the middle of trying to hide when I messed up an outpost assault and BOOM tiger.

The voice acting was also really good (mostly). I really enjoyed the acting of the supporting cast, especially Michael Mando as Vaas. That guy should get an award for that. I very much got tired of my characters voice. The constant stream of “You can do this!” and “Come On” that I had to put up with got old really quick. Also, I hate whatever that music was that was always playing. I think I heard someone say it was Dubstep. Either way, hated that.


I liked the way the game was controlled. You didn’t have to do any wacky finger exercises like when I play an MMO. Everything you needed was right there. I do have an xbox controller for my PC, but I enjoy FPS games better with a keyboard and mouse. My aim is a lot better when not fiddling with thumbsticks. I didn’t really do a lot of special takedowns (above, below) but when I did do them I thought they were easy enough to accomplish. Definitely not like playing a fighter and you have to remember 30 button presses to pull off a combo.


I will say that I got through this game without a lot of issue. There were a few missions I had to replay a couple times because I just totally screwed something up, but that was rare. I did my play through on normal, which may have been a factor. Not sure what the difference from that to Hard would be. I expect you just have more people to kill and their detection is quicker.

Play Time:

I probably could have spent a little bit more time on this to do everything, but in the end I just wanted to finish and move on to something else. At the time that I finished the last mission it was around 25 hours played. That was with having done all the kill quests, hunting missions, outposts, radar towers, and unlocking all the upgradeable gear. I got all the tattoos by the end of the game, but I didn’t do all the supply drops or Rakiat quests.


Without spoiling it, there are two endings which I will refer to as the “Bad” ending and the “WTF” ending. I chose the “Bad” ending, and since I didn’t want to replay the last mission again I just watched the “WTF” ending on youtube. I will say this though, I might (might) have redone the last mission if I could have figured out how to have more than one save on the PC version. I could never find an option to select  a different save file.

So overall I did enjoy the game. It was a bit short, but then I’m comparing that to the last game I finished which was Skyrim and that took me around 70 hours to finish. Still, it was enjoyable and I may go back and finish up the miscellaneous stuff at some point.

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