On Caffeine

So this is not really a gaming related post, but I’m running thin on ideas and I have 18 minutes left in my lunch break. So I’m kind of scrambling here.

Depending on how much of my blog you’ve read you will know that one of the things I’ve struggled with are weight issues. I’m not a skinny person, and have not been for a long, long time. One of the factors in this is probably is the large amount of soft drinks (however you phrase them ie. Soda/Cola/Pop/Coke). When I was younger I would drink at least a liter of Dr. Pepper a day, which is way more sugar than is healthy. During college I would probably drink 2-3 20 ounce bottles of Mountain Dew, again not helping.

A few years back I realized that all that sugar was not doing me any good, and that really the caffeine wasn’t doing anything anymore. Now I have not been able to cut soft drinks out of my life, but it’s gotten to be much less a part of my day. I may have 1 a day, 2 at most, which while not good is a little better than before. Actually, it isn’t. I just happened to look over at my water bottle, which holds 1 liter and I had forgotten that drinking two 16 ounce cans of whatever is still a liter of delicious sugar.

Anyways, the point of this is that as of today I’ve not had anything caffeinated in 3 days. I’ve had 2 cans of Sprite over that 3 days, but that’s not terrible. I need to see if I can get a good streak going to see if I can cut them out entirely. I think it will be good for my health if I can get them out, or significantly reduce the amount I’m drinking per week.

I will say that in the 3 days I haven’t had caffeine I’ve felt a lot better. Better than I thought I would, which is helping to remind myself that caffeine doesn’t actually help me stay awake.

So here’s to doing my best to cut the stuff out, and hopefully will see some overall improvements in health and weight loss.

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  1. First, good luck and good for you because that is NOT easy! Second, in case it helps at all, when I had to give up and almost entirely quit drinking soda, I started exploring the sparkling water section. I can’t do any of the ones with fake sugar (gives me headaches), but there’s brands out there that just use natural fruit flavor if you look. It’s not as sweet as soda (says Captain Obvious) but having something carbonated and flavored helped me.

    • Someone at work mentioned this as well, next time I get around to buying groceries I’ll keep an eye out.

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