On Wii U – Some Thoughts

Yesterday I mentioned that I got a Wii U which, admittedly, was a spur of the moment decision. I’ve always intended to buy one, but had been waiting for a new Zelda game to come out. I know there is one in the works, but with watching Mario Maker videos really got me excited and is ultimately why I made the purchase. It did present one problem that was going to come up sooner or later…

I didn’t have enough space on my surge protector, well mostly. The one I was using has 14 plugs on it, but they are all bunched together and several of the things plugged in to it were wide, or long, just generally not the size of a standard plug. This meant that I didn’t have anywhere to put something new. So last night on the way home from work I stopped and got two new surge protectors. The one that I ended up getting for my tv area has less plugs on it, but it is designed with more spacing so that you can have those odd shaped plugs. Thankfully I already had an HDMI splitter with 1 spot left, so that was nice.

I looked around the Wii U section, and honestly there just wasn’t a wide selection. It might be that the Best Buy near where I live is pretty small but they had only a couple small shelves with games and maybe a dozen different amiibos. I went over to look to see which ones they had, mainly because Mario Maker supports them. I ended up talking with one of the guys working there but decided to hold off on buying any additional games, accessories or amiibos for now.

So to the actual topic, I hooked it up a little while after I got home and had gotten all the power cords in to the new surge protector. For Christmas this past year (2014) I had received a Wii U charging station so I finally got to take it out of the box and used it to start charging up the controller. Physically hooking up the system was easy as always, but it’s never really hard to physically hook up a console. It can just be tricky figuring out where you want to put it.

Setting up the software took a considerable amount of time though. Or at least it felt like it. There is the initial setup where you put in your regional information, set the time & date, stuff like that. And then you have to sit through a system update. Not sure how much patching had to happen, but it took awhile to download and patch the system. I didn’t do much with it initially, just booted it up and played a couple levels of the Mario game that came with it.

This leads me to my one problem with the system. There isn’t a very large hard drive in the system. Well, compared to other systems that are out anyways. At least it has internal storage, which if you’re as old as I am you will remember having systems that didn’t have that. So in that sense 32GB is better than nothing. It just doesn’t seem like a lot of memory to me. Thankfully there is an option to use an external storage device, which I imagine I’ll need to buy eventually. They recommend an external drive with an independent power supply so I’ll have to look in to that. Those are not terribly expensive now, and probably by the time I actually need one they’ll be cheaper.

I do however enjoy the second screen on the controller a lot. I’ve previously played on a friends Wii U so I’ve seen what they can use it for. It was nice being able to boot up my PS4 and put on some Youtube videos on the tv and play Mario on the handheld. The controller itself is not as unwieldy as I thought it would be and I think it’s a nice feature.

The other thing I really like about the Wii U? Backwards compatibility. I think I mentioned that yesterday, but I just really like the idea of being able to play Gamecube & Wii games on the Wii U.

So for now I probably won’t pick up any new games (LIES), and will patiently await Mario Makers release (WHO ARE YOU KIDDING?). I look forward to creating some levels that people will enjoy (MARIO DARK SOULS!!).