On My Gaming Space(s)

So there was a Blaugust post yesterday over on The Girl Cave talking about gaming spaces. I thought that was a nice idea, so I’m stealing it. *smoke bomb*


So in this image is my pc setup, yes it’s messy don’t judge me. Let’s see here. It consists of the following:
1: 2 monitors (ASUS on the left, HANNS G on the right)
2: Logitech something or other mouse
3: Logitech G510s keyboard ( I don’t like it )
4: horizontal Blue Snowball podcast mic
5: Wacom Intuos Tablet
6: Logitech webcam
7: Wired xbox controller
8: My hand me down armchair I read in
9: Headset, Razer i think
10: carpet
11: lots of wires
12: Custom built PC (built mostly myself)
13: Rift CE mousepad
14: A mug from a comic con I went to in Houston (Space City Comic-Con)
PC Specs:
Windows 10
8 GB Ram
AMD FX-4100 quad core, 3.6gHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 (Ti Boost whatever that is) 2GB


Console area:
1: big tv (can’t remember dimensions, i think 50 inch)
2: PS4
3: PS3
4: PS2
5: Wii U
6: 4 port HDMI switch
7: 3rd party retro gaming console that does NES, SNES, Genesis
8: Wii (in the bag)
9: PS4 Elite Headset
10: lots of cables
11: lots of dust


My charging area
1: Wii U charger
2: Ps3 charger
3: Ps4 charger
4: Artfx vader
5: santa darth vader
6: SW: The old republic Darth Malgus
7: ArtFx Darth Maul
8: Darth Vader bank
9: Amazon Echo
10: Some Gundams
11: small star wars legos
12: Lego Xwing
13: Dust

And there you have it. My gaming areas, as messy as they are.

And yes, I need to dust. Don’t judge me.

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