On The Lack of Recent Posts

So this month I haven’t really posted any new entries. This is not a result from burnout from Blaugust but mainly from me being lazy. I’ve been wanting to write about my experience playing Metal Gear Solid 5 but thought I would wait until I finished the game before talking about it.

The problem is that this game is massive, and it has taken me much longer to finish than I thought. I also didn’t want to write a reactionary post about how I felt about the game because early on it was incredibly frustrating. At this point I have finished up the “main” story and there are some extra follow up story missions to do. Also working on the additional content that is available such as base building, staff recruitment and side missions.

Unrelated to that I have bought tickets to go to PAX South in January and have booked my hotel. So I’ll be down there for that this year with Belghast and a few other people we know. In some cases this will be the first time I am meeting some of the people in person.

I’m hoping that everything goes smoothly, but I already feel a bit stressed out about the whole thing. I feel bad that I booked a hotel before finding out which one everyone else was getting but I got a little bit freaked out about the thought of not being able to get a room anywhere.

So hopefully sometime soon I’ll get back in to the swing of things with writing. I shouldn’t let finishing up this game hold me up as there are surely other things I could talk about in the mean time.