On A Post Pax Post – Part 1


So, I didn’t realize it had been so long since I had posted anything. I guess I just hadn’t had time or felt like posting anything. Today is my first day back at work since going to Pax and thought before I got started I would share a few things I learned from my experience. First off, I should have listened to my friend Bel and taken all the advice in his post Pax South: Lessons Learned. Because I wasn’t prepared, or at least not totally prepared.

My main take-away from the experience is to not skimp on a hotel. The one I ended up staying at, while not horrible, was not a good experience. The hotel room was fine, and the people there were nice it was just not in the best part of town. You also might think, “Oh 1/2 a mile isn’t that far”. And then you find out that sure that is 1 mile round trip, but you didn’t take in to account all the walking around the convention, the standing in lines, and the walking back in to town to get bottled water because good grief it is $2 a bottle in the machine and it’s already sold out. Phew, that was a long sentence.

So just a rundown for things I learned:

1: If you’re driving take a case of bottled water with you. It was $3 a bottle at the convention center. Not as bad if you are close to a good store though.
2: Don’t skimp on the hotel. The closer you can stay the better.
3: Know your physical limits. If you can’t handle walking 5 miles a day consider just going for 1 day.
4: You can probably do everything in one day, at least at Pax South this year.
5: Don’t rush it, contradicts 4 a little bit. You’d be surprised at the stuff you might miss.
6: The devs really want to tell you about their games.
7: Take enough cash at least for food. Even if you don’t get any merch it is just easier to pay with cash.
8: If you’re playing a demo for Street Fighter 5 don’t take 20 minutes. There is a line behind you you jerk.
9: If you smoke/vape and you’re sitting with people who don’t try to refrain from doing that you jerk.
10: Messenger Bag > Backpack
11: Get there whenever. There’s no rush and if you get there early all you’re going to do is stand in line.
12: Pain Killers are your friend, I wish I had taken more. I could barely stand up every night from pain
13: Hand sanitizer is your friend.
14: Take a seat if you need to and relax. It’s a big place and a little stressful. If you need to sit down for a bit to rest or you’re feeling overwhelmed then just take a break.

I’ll do another post soon about the overall experience.

I’m hoping to go back next year, or at least in the next couple of years.