On A Post Pax Post – Part 2

So I had an interesting time at Pax South. This was not only my first Pax, but my first gaming focused convention. I ended up taking a full week off of work even though the convention was only for 3 days. Took a day to visit my friends family in Houston and stayed the night with them. Drove out of Houston the day before Pax started to head to San Antonio. I will state, that without a doubt I hate the roads in Texas so very, very much. I did eventually get to my hotel, and made the mistake of taking a “city view” room. Which meant that I had a room facing the interstate, which meant it was constantly noisy.

So the first day I was there (pre-pax) I spent a couple hours walking around the Riverwalk area. Stopped to see the Alamo, because I had never seen it before. It’s a lot smaller than I would have thought. I didn’t stand in line for the tour either, but just walked around the outside a bit and checked out the overpriced gift shop. After that I went across the street to the overpriced Ripley’s Believe it or Not/Madam Tussade’s wax museum. Some of their wax statues were pretty good, but other were just..well they weren’t very good. Being by myself I breezed through it pretty quick.

Only one of the people that I was meeting up with got there that afternoon, so once he arrived at the hotel we met up and went out for an early dinner on the Riverwalk. Much later in the evening we met up with a few more people once they had gotten in and walked around looking for a bar to get drinks. Now, normally I don’t drink much so I only went to meet up with people and have a good time. We wound up at a Hard Rock Cafe on the river and had drinks and second dinner. The only negative part of this was when the friend of one of the guys we were meeting with showed up and starting vaping. Now I’m sorry, but smoking is a disgusting habit, and vaping isn’t much better. Wish the guy had at least stepped away from the table to do it. Other than that food was okay and the drink I had was good, albeit expensive. But hey, it’s the Hard Rock Cafe, it’s not like I thought it would be cheap.

Friday morning I got up early and headed to the convention center and met up with my friend Bel, who I had met previously. We were the first ones to get there so we just stood around for a while talking and waiting on other people to get in. Eventually other people showed up and we meandered around the convention floor. Eventually we split up for a bit to go check stuff out. This was around the time I got in line for Street Fighter 5. The other guys that were there went off to a panel so I stood there for a bit waiting on these two guys to stop hogging the demo machine. I eventually got up and played a round with guy and had fun. After that I got in to a line to play a game called Dreadnought, which is a spaceship battle game where you pick your ship and you and your team try to have the most points at the end of the round. I’m not really sure what was going on but my team won and I got a free shirt that is to small for me.

Eventually we all met back up and walked to get lunch. This was around the point that my legs were starting to protest a bit, so by the time we got back I was fairly done. But I trudged along for another few hours before we all split back up again and I decided it was in my best interest to go back to my hotel to rest.

Saturday was pretty much the same. We all met up and walked around a bit. Then moved on to the tabletop gaming area to play a few rounds of Codenames, which was an interesting game. We then split up again and did our own thing. I went back to the Capcom booth and played another round of Street Fighter 5 and enjoyed it. After that just walked around some and then sat around collecting street passes on my 3ds. Called it a day around mid afternoon and went back to my hotel.

Sunday I didn’t do much more than hit the convention by myself, as most people were leaving that morning. I hit mostly vendors and bought several new board/card games and a Hauppage recorder so I can try to record videos off of classic consoles or the Wii U. Ended up calling it around noon and went back to my hotel to rest, after grabbing lunch. That much walking had pretty much done me in. I just wanted to lay down and do nothing the rest of that day since I was going to be on the road early the next day and driving for most of the day.

Got back Monday evening and hauled my junk up to my apartment and crashed.

Overall I had a good experience. I’ve learned some lessons for the next time I go, and got to meet and hang out with some new people. Hopefully next time I’ll be a bit more physically prepared for the walking though because I felt kind of bad that I wasn’t able to do more with people. You have to claim a table really early in the day for tabletop gaming or you just won’t get a chance. I think there was some more of that done Saturday evening, but I was already back at my hotel and done for the day when it came up.

I think I have one more post relating to Pax in me, and I’ll try to write that one up tomorrow.