On Ultimate Chicken Horse

So, I’ve mentioned this on twitter already but one of the games I demo’d at Pax South was Ultimate Chicken Horse from Clever Endeavour. I would honestly say that this was my favorite game from Pax and I’m looking forward to it coming out. Before I get in to it though here’s a video from their Youtube page.

I think we came across this game some time on Friday and I watched some of the guys I was there with play, but I didn’t. We walked back over the next day when our friend Rae and her brother were there and did play that time. I guess we were playing on party mode where you and your opponents get to choose from a limited number of object to put down in the level to try to prevent other people from finishing. I wound up getting killed by my own traps every round, but it was still crazy and fun. I guess there are other modes to play, but this was the one that we were playing on, and honestly I’ve never had so much fun playing a co-op party game.

What is nice is that the overall time it takes for one player to win can vary. Our game didn’t last that long, so it’s one of those games you can pick up and play a few matches with people and then drop off for a bit. Since I have a crazy schedule most days that works just fine for me. From what they told us they’ve updated the scoring system quite a bit since their original kickstarter so you can still earn points even if you don’t finish the level. You still get the most points for finishing, but you can also get “underdog” and “trap” points which can help you get caught up. Most of the points I got were trap points because those are awarded when you kill a player, and I was killing myself every turn.

I’m not sure how it controls on keyboard/mouse but we played using Xbox controllers which worked really well. The controls were pretty easy to pick up and didn’t require much time to get used to. You can probably pick the game up and be going within a couple of minutes. I only played through one level design but there were several others to choose from which appeared to present different level design challenges. I’m looking forward to getting to play this some more once it comes out.

This is up on steam now, so I’ve added it to my watch list. Once it becomes available for sale I’ll be picking it up. Everyone that I saw playing it was having a good time so I hope that the game does well. It was nice talking to the developers themselves because they were obviously excited to show people their game.

Fairly short post, but this really is a fun game. Check out their videos on their website and watch for it on Steam.