On A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Dark Zone

So lately I’ve been playing The Division on PC and while I’m not doing a full review just yet I just wanted to share a “funny” story that happened tonight while playing.

To give a bit of background here, the Dark Zone is the area in The Division where you will run in to other players, and is supposed to be where you go for end game content as well as trying to find the best gear in the game. The problem here is that if you kill another player you get marked as a rogue agent, and can then be hunted down by other players and killed. Upon dying you lose experience and all the items you picked up in this zone. So realistically speaking why would you want to do that unless you’re just a jerk?

So today I was playing co-op with one of my friends and up till now I had not been to the dark zone. Mainly because I knew exactly what to expect, and that is jerks. Now surprisingly this was not the case, at least not yet. So we’re running around killing npc’s and trying to get loot, but our bags can only hold 7 items at a time for this area (main bag & dark zone bag are different). So we head to the closest extraction point, since this is the only way to get loot out of this area to use in the instanced group/solo area of the game. So we’re standing there waiting on the helicopter to come down when the game spawns a bunch of hard npc’s on top of us.

So we do the logical thing and start shooting the bad guys. So while I’m doing this I apparently killed another player, making myself go rogue (as well as my friend because she was guilty by association). So I don’t know exactly what happened, but my assumption is that some player just happened to run right in front of my gun when I was shooting. I want to think this was just an honest mistake because the area was crowded, but I have heard that people have done this to get other players flagged so they can kill them and take their loot.

I was pretty mad about this cause I figured all my loot would be gone, but either the guys that wound up killing me figured what happened was an accident or they just didn’t care enough to take my loot I was able to recover most, if not all, of it.

So while I think the dark zone area could use improvement, it was certainly a nice change from the main game. It’s just not something I would want to do by myself.