On Refunds, Co-op and Story Modes

So yesterday was an interesting day gaming wise that started off trying to do some co-op and ended with playing the new story mode for Street Fighter 5.

So, when having a specific person that you play co-op games with it can be a bit difficult to find a game that you’re both going to enjoy. Thanks to the Steam summer sale I finally got around to picking up “7 Days to Die” 2-pack. I had been wanting to play the game for a while, and it certainly seemed interesting. Survival/Zombie game combined with Minecraft. Seemed like an interesting game that would be fun to co-op. The problem is that it spawned me and my friend at opposite ends of the map and proceeded to be a farce of spawn, die, spawn, die. I spent an hour trying to get to my friend and with no way to easily identify where they are I had to try to use the horrible map system to try to run to them.

The problem is that it starts you off with next to nothing, and the first weapon you can craft is a stone axe that does nothing for damage. So the first zombie I run in to promptly kills me. It then spawns me really far away from where I was and with no items and no clothes. Trying to get back to my stuff I got killed again, this time by some kind of landmine that I had no way of seeing. So this went on for about an hour and both my friend and myself were not having fun. So for the first time ever I put in for a steam refund on the game. Thankfully combined we had less than 2 hours played so the refund was approved and the money is currently pending in my steam wallet.

So after that we spent a little while trying to find another co-op game to play and settled on Torchlight 2, which we both owned. This game was much more fun to play then Kill Die Repeat. We played for a while, got through the first few quests in the game and just overall had a much more enjoyable experience.

So eventually I decided to try out the Story mode in Street Fighter 5 now that the full story DLC is out. First off I will have to say that just finding the DLC in the PSN store was a gigantic pain in the rear. I ended up having to go to google and search for how to get it to work. What happened is that I downloaded the most recent patch of around 8GB and went in to go play the story just to find out that it was not enabled. After a bit of digging I found that the story itself is another 8GB download. Eventually found the store page on the pc because I couldn’t find it using the store on the PS4.

So eventually (this all took place over a couple of days) I got in to play last night. The story mode itself took me several hours, probably being the longest story for a Street Fighter game I’ve seen. They changed up how it works from what I remember from previous games. Where instead of playing through a short story one character at a time you basically play through stages with different characters that are chosen by the part of the story you’re on. Mortal Kombat X had the same thing, so there is no lengthy story per character. The overall story is a bit funny, where the whole plot revolves around Shadowloo trying to collect these chess like pieces that they would put on a board to detonate an EMP device over a specific city related to that piece.

So the way I ended up thinking about the story was that it was a giant fight over some Amiibo’s. The story itself is not very difficult, other then a few fights where the AI difficulty is cranked up to 11 and took a few tries. Overall I would say it took me 3-4 hours to get through the story, though some of that was sitting through extended cutscenes. The worst part was that when you beat it you only get like 30k of the in game currency, which is used to by DLC costumes/characters/stages. Which is really not much, but enough to maybe by a handful of outfits. Certainly not a good amount considering the amount of time you spend to get through the story.

So right now I’m sitting on steam waiting on my refund to be available since I’m considering buying the base version of The Secret World MMO to see how that is.