On Bad Reviews And Expectations

So today’s discussion is brought to you by random twitter discussions about the reviews coming out for the new Suicide Squad movie but really relate to all movie reviews.

So, earlier this week the critic reviews for Suicide Squad started to come out. Now personally I have not read any of them, but from what I’ve heard the reviews are not exactly positive. This led to a couple comments where the way I interpreted it was that some person wasn’t going to watch the movie just because it had negative reviews so that must mean it is garbage that shouldn’t be watched. The thing is that I disagree with that sentiment entirely, plenty of movies that have come out that got bad critic reviews but positive viewer response. So I don’t base what movie I’m going to see on what a critic thinks because that is just their opinion on the movie.

Recent examples of this would be the Warcraft movie and Batman v Superman, both movies I believe had low ratings from critics but which I personally enjoyed. Now I’m not saying they’re going to win best picture or anything but they were still good movies that I enjoyed watching. So some critic has a problem with how the movie looks or some choice the directory makes, if I watch a trailer and the movie looks good I’m probably going to see it either way. Take Suicide Squad for example, the trailer looks awesome and I love comic books so that makes me interested. My biggest issue with that movie right now is that I don’t like the way the Joker looks with all the tattoos and jewelry, honestly I think he looks stupid. But that isn’t going to keep me from seeing it. When they first announced Ben Affleck was playing Batman I was skeptical, as were a lot of people but he did a good job. So while I may think the Joker looks stupid Jared Leto may still do good with the character. I can’t say he will, but I am going to see it to make that judgement for myself.

So I guess what I’m getting it is that I don’t care what a critic says, whether or not a movie is good is something I’ll decide for myself. I may come out of seeing it and think it’s a terrible movie. But it won’t be the worst movie ever, and certainly not the worst I’ve ever seen. That honor goes to Manos: The Hands of Fate.

2 thoughts on “On Bad Reviews And Expectations”

  1. Manos is pretty bad but I’ve since found an even worse movie: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny. It wins (loses?) for having one of the most incoherent plots ever.

    • I’m fairly certain I’ve heard of that one. They may have had it on MST3K at some point. I know they had several weird Santa Clause movies on there.

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