On Solo Tavern Brawls and Seasonal Overwatch

So to keep today’s post from being super short I’m going to talk about two things.

The first of which is that Hearthstone released its first Solo Tavern Brawl. Now Hearthstone is no stranger to single player content as they have the Adventure mode, but this is the first time they’ve had a single player brawl. Normally brawls involve playing with, or against another player similar to standard/wild formats and allow you to complete daily quests for gold. This time however it’s just you and your deck versus the city of Stormwind.

The brawl name “Storming Stormwind” has a simple mechanic, hit it as much as you can until you die. The trick is that you can’t lose. The npc “boss” that you’re fighting starts with a couple of things. It starts with 1 hit point, which goes up after every hit (instead of going down) so you can’t actually make its health reach 0. The second thing is is a weapon that’s attack value goes up every turn, however it will never actually attack you with the weapon. You may ask why not? First off it can’t because the hero ability that it uses summons a random Stormwind guardian that is one of two soldiers. The first is a taunter with 0 attack but defense equal to the current attack power of the weapon. The other is a minion with health AND stamina equal to the weapons attack value. So if the npc were to attack you it would break the weapon and the minions summoned afterwords will be either a 0/1 blocker or a 1/1 attacker. However, you can use an Acidic Swamp Ooze to break the weapon. It will pretty much always resummon this weapon within two turns but it can give you a brief respite once the attackers start getting in to the 10+ attack range.

The best part about this brawl is that since you can’t lose you can do it repeatedly to complete the daily quests. You might only get enough gold out of it for 1 pack of cards, but that’s still not bad. Personally I hope they have more solo brawls, or at least more cooperative ones. But I do wish that they’d change the default reward for the first win from a classic pack to a pack of the most recent expansion.

The other thing that happened this week is that the weekly brawl in Overwatch is based around the Summer 2016 Olympics called Lucioball. This is basically Rocket League but with your team consisting of all Lucio’s. You’re divided up in to two teams of three with the goal of knocking the giant soccer ball/football in to the opposing teams goal. I’m sure you could put it in your own but I doubt your team would appreciate that. While this is going on you can earn special Olympics themed lootboxes that contain at least one summer olympics themed vanity item. Apparently you can’t buy these but have to earn them, which has caused some people to get their feelings hurt cause you know, it’s to hard to earn it. You do get a free box just for logging in the first time during the event so that is nice, and I did play a match of Lucioball just to see what it was like. I haven’t played Overwatch in awhile so that was a good way to draw me back in.