On Hearthstone – Karazhan Launch and Prologue

So yesterday saw the release of the next Hearthstone adventure “One Night In Karazhan” which is the next 4 wing single player set of challenges. This will add a total of 45 new cards over the course of the adventure which can be used in online matches or adventures. This release was a bit different then the previous adventures because there was no pre-order period. Instead the purchase option became available only when the adventure came online.

Another difference was that they included a free to everyone prologue mission where you play as Medivh with his overpowered mage deck against Prince Malchezaar. Each player starts off with 30 health and a 30 point shield, so essentially 60 health. Once you work through this mission it will unlock the first wing, once purchased. Once you finish the match you get some new cards and probably a prompt to go buy the new adventure to continue the story. Personally, I buy every adventure so I had bought it before playing to prologue but I didn’t continue on to the first wing last night since by the time I had started playing last night it was already pretty late.

I instead opted to hop in to do a few Tavern Brawls to complete the daily quests I had and earn a little bit of gold. Personally I think I enjoy the tavern brawls where you’re either playing against an npc (solo or co-op) or brawls where they give you a deck. It’s far less frustrating then trying to come up with a good deck on my own only to come across someone who is using a deck designed by some pro player and let’s them easily climb the ladder. Not that I wouldn’t do that myself, I just get frustrated losing because I get crap RNG. So, besides that I noticed something about the brawl I was playing last night, it was giving me tips on how to play the deck that it built. I don’t remember it doing this before so it looks like Blizzard has put something in place that is going to try to help people learn the different deck mechanics a bit better.

Right now I still think Hearthstone is the most accessible card game out, you may or may not spend money on it (technically not required) but you’d be spending more then that on other card games at the store anyways. If they’re putting in an effort to get people to understand deck creation there might be more people out there coming up with their own decks and relying less on sites like Hearthhead.

Overall though I think I’m going to enjoy the new adventure, and I’m sure I’ll get my $20 out of it.