On Games I’m Playing – Sidebar Update

So, today I’m feeling a bit mushy in the brain and didn’t come in with a good topic to discuss. This means that today’s post won’t be close to 2000 words, and will just be a brief synopsis of what I’m currently playing and what I have planned to play. You might also notice that I finally got around to updating my “What I’m Playing” sidebar since it hadn’t been updated in quite awhile. I feel like that is something I really should do a better job of doing since I do somewhat frequently rotate in a new game. For a couple of months I would have said the only game I was playing was Dark Souls 3, up until the point where I got all the trophies and haven’t picked it up since.

So the first game you should see over there is No Man’s Sky which was the topic of discussion yesterday. I had initially planned to get the console version, but after getting a new PC and having several people tell me they were going the PC route I did as well. I really don’t have much to say on this since I said most of what I was thinking about the game yesterday. I have maybe 10 hours total in the game since it came out, though I could have more. I just choose to take my time with it and I feel this is a better way to keep me from burning out on it to quickly. I didn’t even get around to playing last night, primarily because I had to work late and was just to tired to do anything when I got home.

The second game in the list is the current title in the Hitman series. This is a game that I’m glad decided to go the episodic route because if it had all the levels and content at launch I probably would have burned through it in a couple weeks and put it down like I did Absolution. Yesterday saw the release of the latest patch and content pack totaling somewhere around 10-11GB between both items. I plan to check out the story mission this weekend and plan to play through it a couple of times. It doesn’t take a super long time to get the trophies, but at the same time I have started losing the desire to spend 10 hours on my couch clutching a controller. Not burning through content for this month will also allow me to stretch it out a bit.

The last game on the list is Hearthstone. Hearthstone for me is probably the best TCG that I’ve played, mainly because it is so easy to get in to and even if I spend real money on it (spoilers I have and will) it is still a cheaper habit then Magic. Now there are a number of similarities between the two, more so now that Hearthstone has adopted a “wild” and “standard” for match for competitive play. Wild is the competitive mode that allows you to play cards from any release, this is the mode the game started with. They added in what is now “standard” competitive which, like Magic, only allows you to use the two (I think) expansions. This means that if you’re currently playing ranked standard you can only use base cards and stuff from the Whispers of the Old Gods and League of Explorers card expansions. They also recently released the next single player adventure One Night in Karazhan, which I have picked up but only played the prologue mission in.

As to games that are in the pipeline, I have Bloodborne set to be my next console game. I’m still unsure if I want to attempt to get 100% completion on it though. I’ll also be playing Gears of War 4 soon on PC crossplaying with someone on Xbox One. I’m not sure what the next couple months hold release wise, but I have a very large steam library that has been mostly untouched. I also have several games to play through on the console as well as some that I’d like to replay now that all the season pass dlc content has been released.

For now though, it’s time to end this for today and start working so that I an continue to pay bills. Yay.