On Board Game Night

So, first off I guess technically I failed with the posting every weekday thing for August since I missed two days last week as well as yesterday. But I have an great excuse, was way to busy at work to do any typing of the words that show up on your screen.

So, I have mentioned on Twitter that I went out Saturday night for the first time in forever. I’m not the most social person, at least to people I have never met before, so going out to a social thing where I knew absolutely zero people is not something I would normally do. However, I decided to not be a hermit and talked myself in to driving in to town, or well the city since I do in fact live in a town not a van down by the river. The local game store was holding an adults only board game night where you could either bring your own game or play one of the games from the stores demo library. They also had a table set up that people were selling used board games, which was also pretty cool.

I had packed up a couple of games to take, in case anyone wanted to try them out but ended up just playing other games. I had packed up Exploding Kittens, Letter Tycoon, and Superfight but they never left my bag. I did pick up Netrunner and one of its expansions while I was there, as well as some expansion packs for Cards Against Humanity. My goal with those is to have a repeat performance of making my mother squirm the next time she is able to visit (which may not be this year). So two goals met there, getting out and stress money spending.

So getting there I see a bunch of people playing and having a good time and just about did what I did the last time I tried going to one of these events, which is turn around and go home without actually talking to anyone. Instead I kept going and sat down by myself and looked at my phone for a few minutes while trying to not freak the heck out. Have I mentioned I SUCK at social situations? This doesn’t count cause nobody really see’s this. Anyways, I managed to work up the nerve to go over and ask the guys at the table next to me if I could join them and they did, cause who knew that people are not all horrible? I always expect in that situation that people would say no and then I’d have to awkwardly shamble back to my seat. But they were cool and let me join them for a game I had never played before, “Lords of Xidit“. They took some time while setting up the board to explain the rules to me, which sounded pretty complicated but in fact were not. In the end I wound up losing cause I didn’t really get the rules the first two rounds and made some bad moves.

After that there was a social game played by a majority of the folks that had shown up called “Two Rooms and a Boom” which the short version is that you have two even (as possible) groups that split in to two rooms. Each player gets a card that shows which team they are on (blue or red) and then are told which room to be in. You don’t know who is on your team so you have to go around and talk to people to figure this out. I almost “noped” out when they said you had to talk to people, but I think this is a party game/icebreaker. The whole point is to get you out there and meeting people you don’t know. I ended up having a lot of fun playing. I even met someone who turned out to be a friend of someone I work with and who was really nice. We had been on opposite teams all three games and the conversation starter was because in the first two games we had not actually talked and I promised she would be the first person I talked to the next round. I am going to say I think I made at least one new friend, and I did have a good time meeting people. I say I think I did, because we did talk a bit during and after and now friends on Facebook/Twitter so I don’t know, but I think this person is cool and hope that is the case. It’s also weird saying that cause being on twitter where this will show up they may in fact read that. I stress out way to easily.

Finally a group got together to play One Night: Ultimate Werewolf which is a strange game. I only played one game of it and didn’t find it fun to participate in. I ended up just watching other people play this the rest of the night and had fun with that. It really comes down as an arguing game, which arguing is not really something I like. So I just sat out and watched and it was fun.

Ended up staying the entire night and helped straighten up the play area when it was over. Several people had a bit to much to drink, so hopefully they had a designated driver. It was 2am when they locked up and it was raining outside. Talked for a bit after that then headed home. Overall I had a good time and am going to try to go to other events at the store to meet people. It will give me an excuse to get out and try to get over being so socially awkward. It’s also dumb but I’m hoping to meet a nice girl as well, as probably the best chance I have with someone will be with someone who shares at least some interests with me. I think pretty much everyone there was there with spouses/ or dates or were already married but it is not like you can go around asking that. It was already difficult even talking to women in the first place, and that is a super weird question to ask someone you just met.

Anyways, I should reeally get back to work before my lunch hour turns in to a lunch hour and a half.