On Legion and Decisions

So, I haven’t played Warcraft in a long time. Not since before Warlords came out and not after my friend/partner in crime passed away. For a long time the only reason I played or even enjoyed the game was because it was something we would do together. Be it her forcing me to pug LFR with her so I could see the content or by us roaming the countryside looking for elite named mobs to work on achievements. But mostly we just ran old content together because we didn’t get to do that when it was new. Since she passed away last summer I have not even considered going back in to the game because it brings up to many memories, and even after a year it still hurts when I think about it.

With that said I’ve been seriously considering playing again, but even thinking about it has been stressful. I did buy two copies of the game, one for each of our accounts and had the thought of dual boxing and pulling her characters around with me. At the same time though I don’t know if I can fully enjoy playing the character that was my main now because of previously stated reasons, and seeing the character name I most associate with her might be rough. Which just means I would have to create a couple new characters and level them up together. I do think though that she would have wanted her main characters maxed out, so I just don’t know. I’m not even really sure how to multibox, and from what I understand it is easier to handle two characters if they are the same class, which our mains were not.

There is also the dilemma of the guild we were in on that server. Well, both of our characters are still there, but I’m pretty sure it is common knowledge that she passed away. So people may not know what to think if I log her character in. I did think about logging her in and moving her character out of the guild in to the one we had made for the two of us but in a way I think it would feel weird seeing her with a different guild tag. All that said though, I still have to actually log in to the game to do any of that. It feels silly that this is such a big deal because it is just a game, but I have the same problem with other games we played together. I feel like moving her character out may be fine because I don’t know how many people in the guild would even notice it if I did it during late night hours.

So it comes down to making myself log in to play, either by myself or with figuring out how to multibox and drag her characters around. Then I have to figure out whether or not to keep her one remaining character in that guild there, or to move it to our private one. Part of me just want to leave her previous characters where the were parked the last time she played and not touch them, but I do want to pull them through the new content as I think she would have wanted to play it together if she was still here to do that.

Either way I am in no rush when Legion comes out. I would still have to do all the content from Warlords and I still have to go out and buy time cards for two accounts. Thankfully I do have access to her account now, and have an authenticator set up for both. All I really want is to get in and make sure her character names are not reclaimed at any point.

Bit of a somber post today, but with everyone talking about Legion recently it’s been on my mind.