On Board Games and Pizza (or Salad)

So last night I attended another board game night, this time held at a local pizza place. I got there a little bit early to find a good parking spot..Oh who am I kidding I got there an hour early. Mainly I got there early cause, like I said I wanted a good parking spot, and also because knowing myself if I got there late and couldn’t find a spot I would have used that as an excuse to not go. I have told myself that I need to go out more often and board games seem to make talking to people I don’t know a bit easier. I also promised someone I would be there and I don’t like breaking a promise if I can avoid it.

So while I waited I sat down and ordered a salad..yes a salad at a pizza place. I’m on a diet don’t judge me. I also ordered a mimosa, cause social situations where I don’t know many people are easier to deal with when I have booze in me. Food was great, the drink not so much. Mainly cause I forgot I don’t like champagne, and since I don’t drink beer my only other options were soda or water. I did end up getting a soda later, but I tried really hard with that mimosa. I nursed it for about an hour to hour and a half before giving up.

Once people started filtering in we started up a game called 6 Nimmt!, where the goal is to have the least number of bulls at the end of the game. I did not win, which is common for me. I didn’t get the rules right the first turn or two so I messed up really early on. Still had fun, and I think we had 9 or 10 people playing it. I’ve added it to my list of games to buy because it is fairly simple to explain and play so it is something I could teach to my family if we do games during the holidays.

The next game we played was Incan Gold, where your objective is to get the most loot. You only have two cards in your hand, stay and leave. Before each draw from the deck every player decides whether or not they want to go for more loot or cut their losses and be out the rest of the round. I probably should have bailed more often and I ended up losing, only having picked up a few pieces of loot.

After that a few of us that were still there started up a game called Diamonds, which I previously tweeted about when I bought it. I don’t think any of us had played it before so we had a bit of a rocky start. We ended up messing up some of the rules but decided to keep playing because we had already finished 3 of the 6 total rounds before we were told what we did wrong. I think I ended up in a tie for 3rd place on that one. One of the guys got a bit frustrated at one point because he wasn’t doing great, and then ended up winning the game. That one took awhile cause we had 6 people playing and we had to figure out the rules for a bit.

At this point a lot of people had started filtering out so only a few of us were left at the table, and decided to play a reaction based game called Ghost Blitz. This game was fairly simple in concept, but when you’re pretty tired it is hard to react quickly and get the correct answer. Basically you have a series of objects on the table, and each player takes turns flipping a card. Based on what is on, or not on, the card you try to be the first person to grab the correct object. If you grab the wrong one you have to give a card to the person who did get it right. While fun I didn’t particularly like that game, but maybe cause I kept screwing it up.

The last game we played that night was Codenames. Of all the games we played that night, this was the only one I had actually played before that night. We had enough people left to have two even teams of 6. We ended up winning 2 of the 3 games that we played, only losing the one game cause I messed up a guess and picked the assassin card. I almost lost us the third game where the clue was “Hand” and I wanted to pick “Litter” instead of “Glove”. The most memorable of the 3 was the first game where we had 3 card left to guess and our player who had to do the clues didn’t think we could pull it off. We managed to get all the three remaining cards on the last round, and in her excitement our clue giver knocked over her chair, which made everyone there laugh.

Overall I had a good time. I found out about a semi regular game group that meets at the library not far from where I work so I may try to go to that sometime if I can. Ended up staying the whole night so I got home pretty late. Was awake enough to watch a couple YouTube videos and then crash.