On being lazy and forgetting my password

So as always it’s been a terribly long time since the last time I’ve posted anything.

What can I say, I’m lazy.  And I forget my password a lot.

I’m going to try to keep this one short, and try to write up some more detailed posts soon. So to start off I’m going to talk about what I’ve been up to since the last time I posted.


This is probably the main thing that has been keeping me busy. I work full time as a software developer focused primarily on internal business applications. Last year we added a new client and as a result had to translate part of our windows application in to a web based application. This is because the licensing for the web software is cheaper than the windows license and this particular client will have a lot more users than the other clients typically have and they don’t have that kind of money.

So most of what I’ve been doing is trying my best to make these pages function as close to the original version as I can. Which, according to my boss should be super easy, which it isn’t. We only recently went to beta testing and have already had to make a lot of changes, which needless to say, keeps me crazy busy.

This kind of affects my desire to play PC games when I get home. The harder the day I have a work, the more I don’t want to see or touch a PC when I get home. Now, my online friends are awesome, and I enjoy talking to them, but there are just days I can’t bring myself to go home and sit in an uncomfortable chair for 3 hours. Most days I barely have the energy to even play console games, so I just Netflix binge.


So I just said I didn’t play every day, but that does not mean I have not been playing any games at all. Around mid march I bought a PS4 and and new TV and don’t regret the purchases. Granted there is not much out for the PS4 that I want yet, but playing it on a bigger tv that supports 1080p resolution is great. Right now I only have Thief and Metal Gear Solid 5 $40 demo but I enjoy them both. Right now I have 3 games on pre-order and can’t wait for them to come out (Watchdogs, Murdered: Soul Suspect & Witcher 3).

On the PC side I’ve been playing WoW again because I’m a sucker, and Elder Scrolls Online. I picked up Dark Souls 2 for PC when it came out on Steam and it is already more aggrivating then the last one. But that is for a different post.

I don’t really fall in to the PC or Console camps as I enjoy both for different reasons. I love PC gaming cause I prefer staying inside to going out and I have several friends that I talk to on voice chat. I love console gaming for the same reason, except that there is noone to talk to, and it what I do when I don’t really feel like talking to people.

So in general not much new going on. I’ll try to put up some more detailed topics soon. I plan to talk a little bit about some thoughts on MMO’s as well as talking about specific games I’m playing.

Other Stuff

One of my friends, and most of the time guild leader Belghast (aggronaut.com ) has started up a podcast and I think you should go listen to it. Yes this is a shameless plug, but I find it fun to listen to.