On Life Updates

So, I normally make a post every couple of months of non blogging about why I haven’t been blogging. This time I’m doing something different and going with the once in a while personal post. Sure I haven’t been posting with any regularity, but honestly a lot of times I just don’t think about it and next thing I know it’s been two months since I’ve written anything.

So, today is going to be a bit short, but a personal post.

Over the last few months I’ve taken on a bit more of an active leadership role at work. My company has been using a SCRUM/Agile method of working for a couple years now and my team is kind of the flagship team for this. To talk a bit about what this means is that we meet every two weeks and plan out our work for the next two weeks. We go through all of our development tickets and decide what can be completed through that time frame. Each team has one person that is in charge of this, running meetings/making sure everyone has work to do. That person is also responsible for making sure all work gets completed on time. For the first year or so of doing that we would alternate on a volunteer basis every two weeks. In the last several months we decided that we needed someone to be more permanent, or at least rotate less often. I volunteered to take the second rotation so for the last couple of months I’ve had this added workload on top of my already busy workload.

The problem that has come up here is that when I started doing this we had 7 developers on our team, including myself. Shortly after I took over we lost one developer due to dissatisfaction and he left the company putting us down to 6 people. Of the remaining 6 people 2 of them were out (not available reliably for regular work) due to new client implementations, and another person out working out our website redesign. So effectively we’ve only had 3 people able to do any amount of regular development (new features/bug fixes). Needless to say this has been a bit stressful. Thankfully we did hire back a guy who used to work with us who had left in January, so we’re back up to 7 people now. But he is working on our website with one of the other team members so we’re still only at 3 developers. So yeah, just been super stressed out and all my free time at home is mainly laying on the couch trying to recoup.

I also decided that it was time that I went to the doctor for a wellness check because I had been feeling bad/tired all the time. Diabetes runs in my family so I went to get a regular checkup and to have them test me for that. Keep in mind here that up until that point I hadn’t seen a doctor in maybe 4 years. So they do their tests and confirmed that I have type 2 diabetes, at risk blood pressure and high cholesterol thanks to the horrible diet that I’ve had for most of my adult life. So there has been a lot of adjusting done over the last month. Having to remember to take my pills every day, checking blood sugar every day and trying to be more attentive to what I’ve eating.

They didn’t give me a special “diabetes” diet, but more of what is recommended as a healthy diet. This means I’m having to watch my carb and sugar intake, which considering what foods I actually like eating has been difficult and I’ve messed up a few times. I’m having to read nutrition labels at the store now, and I can’t buy things like pasta or non-whole wheat bread. Up until a week or so ago I had not had any caffeine because I don’t like tea or coffee. Recently I found a lower sugar coke product “Coke Life” which is made with cane sugar and stevia. I have been buying the 6 pack bottles (8 ounces each) and been drinking those, though I need to cut back on those. I think it has the same amount of sugar, maybe slightly less, as a regular coke does, it just doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup. I have tried diet coke, and coke zero but both taste awful.

This also means I’ve had to start cooking at home more often, which is something I was already trying to do. But now I have extra incentive to do that. I need to figure out vegetables though because for the most part I don’t like them, and the ones I do like are not good for diabetics to eat.

Gaming wise I played through Watch Dogs 2, which while some of the missions were fun was not something I’d put in to any “Best Games” lists. I started up Lego Star War The Force Awakens over the weekend, and already completed the main story. So I’ll be working on trophies over the next week or two. Then I’ll be starting up something new, either a PC game through steam link, or one of the Tomb Raider games on the PS4.

Weight wise, I have lost a few pounds thanks to the dietary changes after having stalled out for most of 2016. A couple days ago I was down to within 15 pounds of my first weight goal. Once I hit that goal I have another 50 to go to get within a healthy weight range for my height. Maybe by the end of the year I’ll be comfortable enough with my appearance to post a picture on Twitter. A few people know me on Facebook and already know what I look like, but I’ve actively avoided this on Twitter.

This turned out longer than I thought it would, so if you made it to this point thanks for sticking through this.