On Super Mario Run

So I’ve been playing Super Mario Run fairly regularly since it came out, and by fairly regularly I mean like at least an hour a day (most days). Yes, I paid the $10 US for the full version, and I certainly got my money’s worth out of it. If you follow me on twitter you’ve maybe seen me posting screenshots of it from my phone denoting various landmarks in the game such as hitting a certain kingdom level or finishing up some arduous task.

If you haven’t played the game the basic gist of it is that it is a Mario game where it automatically runs in a direction for you and you tap the screen to make whichever character you’re playing as jump. The goal is like every other Mario game that has ever come out, collect coins, finish the level, save the princess once you get to the correct castle. These levels are fairly short, and each “World” is 4 stages. It alternates between a castle stage for X-4 and airship level. The exception being world 6 where 6-3 is the airship and 6-4 is the final castle. Each level has 3 different sets of coins to collect, increasing in difficulty for how to collect them.

The game also contains a “Rally” mode which is basically you running through an endless, repeating level, against another users high score. If you can beat their score you collect coins and toads of different colors. The toads are used as way to unlock items in the build shop which is used to populate your kingdom. The number of toads you have also is how you level up your kingdom. I believe you hit max level at around 4000 toads, and the cap is 9999. The coins you collect through the story mode, and through rally mode accumulate and are used to purchase these items. To play in rally mode though you have to have mario tickets, which can be obtained a few different ways, and gets easier to collect later on.

So while the game is fun, and obviously addicting to someone like me who has to collect all the things, it has some glaring issues. The first of which is a common issue that has plagued me since the first mario brothers game came out on the NES when I was a kid. That is that sometimes you hit the button, or in this case tap the screen, to jump and you don’t jump and instead fail miserably. You basically get 2 free fails per story level, and infinite fails on rally mode. But if you’re trying to level up you need to win, so failing costs you valuable time off the clock and you lose coins. Some of the items require large amounts of toads to collect, and not including the common red toads all the others are fairly scarce. When you lose a level, you also lose toads, so you really don’t want to lose if say, you need 1 more toad to hit 2500 and then lose 15. Not that this happened to me.

The other issue that I discovered last night was that because you have a 9999 toad cap, if you have 9999 already but need 200 more green toads to get an item you have to lose other toads deliberately so that you can collect them. I was noticing that I would be at 9999 toads and win more green ones, then go back and win again but the number I had going in to the level would have been reduced. So this made trying to collect the last 300 or so a vary difficult task. Because I didn’t realize what was going on till I had collected all of them after 4 hours of playing last night.

At least now I’m officially done with the game. I have nothing left to collect. I beat all the levels, collected all the special coins. I’ve also maxed out my toads and my kingdom. I’ve purchased every item from the build shop. There is literally no reason for me to keep playing now. I just have to actually delete the app off my phone, potentially losing all my progress. Though it should be storing my save data on the nintendo server since I linked my accounts.