On Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Impressions & Tips (no story spoilers).

So right off the bat I’m going to say I got the Wii U version of this because, while I will probably get the switch eventually, I didn’t feel I could justify esentially spending over $400 on one game. This covers the cost of the console, the game + season pass, and a pro controller. Now, I did still end up spending a lot of money to play this because I did buy the game, season pass and Wii U pro controller to play it. So really the only difference is the addition of the $300 of the system. That I couldn’t justify.

Right now I am not what I would consider very far in to the game. I have made it out of the starter area and have done a couple of story related quests to see if what skills/items that would get me. I feel like this is probably the hardest Zelda game I’ve ever played though, and that is mainly because the game just doesn’t hold your hand. It does guide you a bit through the starter area, basically telling you that you’re stuck there until you finish the challenges and get your skills. Only then are you allowed to move on to the rest of the map. But that’s it really, once you get out of the first area you’re free to go wherever you want.

The problem is that is a bit of a mixed bag. I’m currently on the part of the main story that says “go out and do all these things” but I have no idea what really is the best path to take. I spent a good portion of my time getting to places only to have my rear kicked because the enemies are just to strong. Weapons in this game have durability, which I’m okay with, but they break very quickly depending on the material it’s made from. I’ve literally gone through four weapons on one fight before. So while you can carry multiple of each type of item (melee, shield, bow, arrows) you have a finite number of slots. So you can’t just keep picking up everything that drops.

That said, I still am in love with this game. I can’t even say I have played all of the games in the series either, but this is already feeling like it is going to be my favorite in the series.

Some things that I’ve learned through playing that the game really just doesn’t tell you.

One of the things I figured out early on was how you’re supposed to get items to heal, regain stamina or gain buffs. Unless I missed it there really isn’t a tutorial that tells you how to do this so I kind of found this by accident. As you play you will pick up items that fall in to a couple categories: Meat, Fruit/Vegetables, Monster Items, Critters. You can also buy or find other things such as salt or butter but they don’t really affect anything other than the name of the food produced. You mix Meat + non monster items to make food (buff/healing). You mix monster parts + items to make elixirs. You don’t want to mix effects because they will cancel out. So you can’t have a haste + stamina food as far as I can tell. It’s easy to know what will be produced based on item text. So for example you can mix spicy peppers with meat and get a cold resist buff. If you mess up and the combination fails you can still get a usable item, it just isn’t very effective.

To cook you just have to go in to your inventory and either press “X” to hold items or select an item, press “A” then select hold. You select up to 5 items to cook and then press “B” to exit the inventory. You have to be next to a cooking pot with a lit fire for this, but you will then get a context button to cook. Link will throw all the items in to the pot and you’ll hear sounds indicating whether or not it is a good combination.

Here’s a pro tip. Do not just sell off monster items. There is an NPC later that can improve your armor but it takes these items as reagents.

Early in the game you get a bomb ability. If you come across mining nodes you can blow them up with bombs. These will give you gems for crafting (I haven’t seen this yet but I think you can), and to sell. Gems are the big rupee earners in the game. So those are what you’ll want to sell. Some are specifically vendor trash but sell them sparingly. I don’t know what reagent costs are later in the game. I made the mistake of selling some monster items and now I don’t have enough to upgrade my gear.

Additional Item Slots:
Early in the game I stumbled across a tree spirit that when I found it gave me a seed. Throughout the world you will come across pinwheels. You should get a mini game of some sort and when you finish it you will get a seed. On the road to one of the early story locations you will come across a larger tree spirit that gives you a quest. Once you complete this it will offer to improve your inventory at the cost of these seeds. One seed for the first of any slot (melee, shield, bow) and after that it goes up to two seeds for the one you improved.

Explore everything:
This goes without saying. I found my way to the top of a mountain and there was a pretty cool sword at the top. It’s so very out of the way but you can find stuff like that anywhere. If you see a tall structure climb it.

Unless it is a short climb or swim do not use the jump or dash actions. They will waste your stamina bar and you might not make it to the top.

Shield Parry:
If you have a shield equipped with a one handed melee weapon hold ZR (bottom left trigger) to block. Right before enemy swings press A to parry with your shield. There is a challenge dungeon that teaches you this, but I can’t remember if it is an easy to find one. It is pretty early in the game though.

That’s really all I can say without getting to much in to detail about the game. I’m still early in the story so I don’t have much info yet but I don’t like spoilers so I don’t want to say anything specific.