On Origins Game Fair – Part 1

This post could also be called “Shut up and take my money”.

So first off, has it really been since March that I wrote anything on here? I am such a slacker, but there really hasn’t been all that much to talk about. I did play Horizon Zero Dawn so there might be a post about that soon. E3 also just wrapped up so there will also probably be a post on that as well. However today I am going to talk about the goings on of the last week. Starting last Wednesday I spent most of the day watching the BoardGameGeek twitch stream of the Origins Game Fair on Twitch. I was only able to pay some amount of attention since I had it running in the background at work, but I did watch all day Saturday and Sunday. I did miss some stuff here and there because of work, or being away while interviews were going on but I wanted to highlight some of the games I saw that I was very much interested in. I will link to the full streams on their youtube channel, but they will also eventually be edited down in to segments. Where I can I will include links to the BGG site entries. Most of the games I’m going to talk about aren’t out yet, but ones that I’ll be watching for. In no way is this list in any particular order. I just went down my list that I had written down while watching the streams each day.

The Fox and the ForestRenegade Game Studios/Foxtrot Games

I will admit that there are two main things that really drew me to this game, the fact that it is a two player game and the artwork. The basic format of the game is that it is a two player trick taking game set in a fairy tale/fantasy setting. The description on the linked page does a good job of summing it up, but certainly a game that I’m really want to play. It comes out right around my birthday so I will likely order it as soon as I’m able to.

The ClimbersCapstone Games

I didn’t realize this at the time but this is a reprint of a game that came out a few years ago. The premise is that you have a bunch of wooden blocks that you try to be the player that is able to climb the highest. It looks like a very simple game and I would like to play it. Looks like it is a quick game to play, which is always nice. I have played games that run on for hours and take forever to explain. I think you can explain the rules for this inside a couple of minutes and the total play time doesn’t seem to bad. I think it just varies on how many players there are. I would certainly consider buying this depending on retail price. I can just see that it might be a little bit more expensive based on the materials. There are a lot of wooden pieces involved and that could drive up the cost.

Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty’s TrailIDW Games

This is another game that the initial draw was the artwork, plus just the name of the game was a fun pun. Based on the description from BGG it is a social deduction game. I’m not sure how this differs from hidden role games. I will say that hidden roll games are probably my least favorite games in general but this seems a little different in how you play. When you draw your role you don’t face it towards yourself. Each player takes turns drawing cards and has the other players give them information based on which one you show, these are called leads and are used to help you determine what card you have. As you try to guess about your character if you are correct you get victory points, which comes in at the end of the game. If you capture Furriarty before he escapes you win. If he gets away everyone loses. So while there is some social deduction it isn’t the arguing kind of game I associate with hidden role games like the One Night series.

Also, the art is purrrfect. This game is sitting in my amazon cart right now.

Junk In My TrunkCSE Games

The basis of the game is every player is an elephant at the circus and you’re trying to get rid of the junk with your trunk. Get it? The way you play is to play a card that matches or beat the number on the top of the discard pile. If you can match you put your card down. If you can’t you have to pick up the pile of junk. There is a way to reset the pile, and there are special actions that can be taken. This seems like a fairly simple game, and I really enjoy simple games. I don’t really enjoy spending an hour going over rules because unless I play it a lot I’m going to forget them. There is a good chance that I will want to get this game. It seems like it could be a lot of fun, and it is not at all expensive.

Grindstones: Night SkyCSE Games

This is another sort of an improved version of the original game. The premise is that it is a pattern matching game where you try to match a pattern on the board with a pattern on a card in your hand. The game is straightforward and simple but with a little bit of strategy. The size of the board depends on the number of players, so more players allows for a larger board space.

I have quite a few more games but I decided to split this up in to multiple parts, because I didn’t want to have to subtitle this “TLDR”.