On Origins Game Fair – Part 3

The third and almost final part of this series I have dubbed, “Where did my money go?”. This is the last of the games I was interested in getting. Again, these are not in any particular order, just all games that I am interested either in purchasing or playing.

Summit: The Board Game – Inside Up Games

Another interesting game where you’re trying to climb a mountain. There are three ways to play, solo, co-op, competitive. You work your way up the mountain using tiles. The goal is to get to the summit and then back to base camp without dying. It doesn’t look like a difficult game, but I’m having a hard time explaining it with words. I’d like to try this out so hoping that someone I know picks it up.

Unreal EstateGrand Gamers Guild

This was not only an interesting game, but was presented in a interesting fashion as the person being interviewed was doing the interview in character. You’re playing as rival architects trying to build the most buildings.

That’s A Question!Czech Games Edition

Apparently this is just a working title for the game. From the description it is a party game where questions are asked to players and the other players voting on the expected answer. So the current player picks another player and asked them a which of these two things would you do questions. Then the other players vote on your answer. You do have to select your answer before the other players vote. That’s probably a terrible description but it looks like a fun game, even if I don’t normally like most party games.

Big Trouble In Little ChinaEverything Epic

I’m going to admit that this is one of the more complicated games that I saw, and I will also admit that I already pre-ordered this. The pre-order is a deluxe edition that comes in a better box and allows for more people. There are quests to follow and you have miniatures for the characters from the movie. The game looks massive and when I got the shipping calculations it said it was 7-8 pounds. It’s a co-op story telling game, which I liked the sound of. I’ve said it before that I like me some co-op games, and this one looks pretty massive.

Codenames: DuetCzech Games Edition

Mainly because I love Codenames, and it’s a two player game. They did say that both the key cards and the word cards would work with the other versions of the game. The main difference with this version is that it has more assassin cards that you can hit and includes a two player campaign mode.

Wordoku Calliope Games

Another word based game that looked pretty fun. This one uses tiles instead of cards. Described as a crossword puzzle crossed with a Sudoku puzzle during the BGG interview. You lay down letters in a 4×4 grid trying to make words with the letters that you can find. This seems a bit hectic to me, but would still like to play it. Apparently this is not a new game, but was previously a Barnes and Noble exclusive game that is just now going to mass market.

Quest For the AntidoteUpper Deck Entertainment

This looked like a very interesting game. The goal to the game is that all players have been poisoned and have 50 breaths to find the antidote and get to the objective. Movement costs breaths and other things affect it as well. This is one of the games that I really want to play if I get the chance.