On Origins Game Fair – Wrap Up

So, over the last couple of days I spread out all the games I was interested in playing. Today I wanted to at least list out the ones that I’m really looking forward to, or have already purchased. I think I’ll be limiting myself to actual purchases though, because frankly board games can be just as expensive, if not more, than video games. So I have to be careful about my budget. Ideally I would have the opportunity to play the games before purchasing them, but that all would depend on my local shop getting a demo copy or someone I know purchasing one. The problem then comes down to availability. Some of the games I’m interested in won’t be widely available (ie mass market) which will make getting a copy difficult. Up till now I’ve relied on my local game shop and Amazon when it comes to purchases. While you can find games on Amazon through 3rd party sellers, it’s never a guarantee that you will get a good, or fair, price. I’ve heard people talking about seeing a rare game for sale for some astronomically high price. Kind of like the $800 Assassin’s Creed Origins collectors edition *cough* (and no I didn’t buy that one).

So here are my top picks from Origins, meaning I will be most likely to purchase them.

Codenames Duet from Czech Games

The codenames series of games is probably one of my favorite games to play, and I tend to play it whenever I can. The games are easy to learn and can be quick to play. So when I heard there was a 2 player cooperative variant coming out I very much wanted to get it. I did actually hear about this game prior to Origins but it was a game discussed so I’m including it. The best part of this is that you can really mix and match the word cards from any of the other versions, or use the pictures edition instead. This would make for an interesting way of playing if you used the “Deep Undercover” edition of the game.

Quest For The Antidote from Upper Deck Entertainment

This game just looks like an interesting concept, and easy to learn (which is a big draw for me). You have a breath/score track around the board that keeps track of how many breaths you have available (you start at 50 and countdown to 0). The objective of the game is pretty simple, find the antidote before you die and be the only one that survives. I don’t know how much of a “screw over everyone else” element there is to the game, but still seems like a game I would enjoy playing.

The Fox In The Forest from Renegade Games

While I have not played a ton of trick taking games, I do like two player games a lot. The artwork is amazing and honestly I just want to play it. There really isn’t much else to say on it other than that. As soon as I can get a copy I will.

Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty’s Trail from IDW Games

I’ll be honest, I already bought this. I would have had it yesterday but Amazon ran out of stock. If I see this in a store before my shipment goes out next week I will buy it and cancel my Amazon order. I normally don’t like hidden role games, but I just really want to give this one a chance because it looks like it could be a lot of fun. I’m just a bit upset about my order being delayed because of stock issues.

Hanamikoji from Quick Simple Fun Games

As I said during the previous post, this is just something that looks like it would be fun to play. Another two player game, so that is a big draw, as well as the artwork. The same reasons I gave for The Fox In The Forest apply to this game. I might be getting a chance to play this game this weekend, so hopefully I enjoy it and can find a copy to buy.

Big Trouble In Little China from Everything Epic

I’ve heard a little bit of confusion when bringing this game up recently because I guess there may have been another game with a similar name before. This is another one I’ve already pre-ordered straight from the developer, so I’m looking forward to getting a chance to play it. I’m a little cautious though because it’s not a small game, nor does it seem like it will be easy to pick up, but hopefully with the right group that won’t be an issue.

I wanted to do a runners up list, but honestly every other game from the last three posts are games I want to at least try out. All together I would say there are a bunch of new games coming out that I’ll be excited to play, and possibly buy.