On ArcheAge

So I mentioned this game a little bit yesterday, and I feel like talking about it a little bit more.

The last couple of days I’ve watched quite a few game play videos for this game on youtube, all of which have made me start looking forward to the game. I find that most everything I have heard about this game makes me feel like this game could be one of the best MMO’s to come out. Well, mostly. There is one thing about it I am not fond of, but I’ll talk about that later.

Class Combinations

Yesterday I was watching a video that stated that there was somewhere around 120 different class combinations in the game based on the selection of up to 3 talent trees. Each of the different combinations has its own unique name, which I think is great. The only other game I’ve played that had this much freedom in class specialization was Rift, which also let you choose multiple skill trees to put points in to. Today I found an online talent calculator and discovered probably my favorite class name ever, the “Angel of Death“. Now I don’t know if this is what the actual name of this class or if that is just how it translates. The site that I found is German based, so that might not be accurate, but it still sounds cool.

Player Housing

One of the videos I watched yesterday discussed how players can pick up schematics to craft their own housing, which they can place in various places on the world map. I think this is fairly innovative, as I’ve never played a game that let you do that much customization. Not to say it doesn’t exist. I’m aware Rift also allows this, or very, very close to it and Everquest 2 allowed you to populate your player housing with items you could pick up throughout the game.

The only downside to this is that you essentially have to pay rent on the land. I believe that you can pay this with in game currency or through the cash shop. I have mixed feelings on this though. I think that if I spend the time and effort to get the house build and populated with items, then I should always have it. However, I understand the reasons behind this. Assuming that there is a finite amount of land that players can put down houses it is understandable that you wouldn’t want a non-active players house to take up space. Requiring  that player to pay rent on the land is a means to keep them playing. From what I understand if your house is destroyed that all the items that went in to crafting it are sent back to you, so at least you don’t have to re-craft everything if you just forget and lose it.


Another thing that I find interesting is the mount system. From what I can tell there are 4 different types of mounts in the game: Gliders, Land Vehicles, Boats, and animals. From what I can tell all players can at some point buy a glider, but the other mounts you have to build or raise. I have not seen a video detailing land based vehicles, but I have seen boat construction which requires the player to craft all the essential parts and then construct the boat. Similarly with mounts, you buy a “baby” mount and have to “raise” it.  I think this system is pretty cool, and requires the players to put in significant effort in to obtaining the higher “quality” mounts.

The flying mounts (Gliders) are also not typical flying mounts. At least, not from my personal experience. Gliders are exactly what they sound like, they glide. You cannot stay in the air forever and will eventually have to land. Several videos have discussed using gliders in pvp tactics, which seems like it would add a new element to the mix.


Up to this point I have not seen any really high quality videos, most seem to be a bit rough even at 720p. From what I can tell though the game does look very nice. It reminds me of the graphics in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn which I also enjoyed. Most people have described this as the difference between Eastern and Western game design. Personally I just think it looks nice, and that is one of the more important parts of any game for me.


This is the one thing about this game that I don’t like, though to be fair I don’t like PVP in any game. My understanding is that the higher level areas are strictly PVP so there is always the risk of dying to another player. I do think that PVP has its place in these games, but I don’t like being forced to do it. I know that not every person online is a jerk, but it seems that when you talk about open world PVP all you ever hear about is bad experiences. I did hear that these areas will have “safe” times that will make them PVE only, but I am not sure I heard that correctly.

I am looking forward to at least trying the game out. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be the game for me it does look interesting and at the very least unique.  When there are so many MMO’s to choose from, having something unique (or at least original) is going to make me look extra hard at it.

I’d recommend going to the Trion Wolds Twitch page and watching their developer videos on ArcheAge. They discuss a lot of the features in more detail.