The early years

Growing up I never thought I would become a respected doctor in a small rural town, I guess it’s funny how things turn out.

When I was a kid my family lived on a small farm in Montana around 20 miles out of town. Life was simple back then,all you had to worry about were animals getting loose and making sure that the crops were harvested. The main crop we grew was corn, and before it was time to harvest we’d like to go and play hide and seek in the corn fields. No adults allowed of course.

There were nine people in the house when I was growing up. Mom (Anne) and Dad (Wil), my sisters Felicia, Kate and Ricki and my older brothers Neil, Patrick and Nathan. Then there was me, the youngest of the bunch. By the time I was born my parents had run out of good names so I was named Luke.

My Dad was the local vet if anyone ever needed one. People were always asking why he only had one ‘L’ in his name, and we liked to tell everyone he lost it in a bet to his friend Johnathon. My brothers were all fully grown by the time I came around and were content to just work on the farm, go in to town and get drunk and post rude comments on the internet. They were not the best looking guys, so the word troll was a fairly accurate description of them.

Since my brothers had the farm buisness well in hand my parents wanted better for the rest of us. The three girls and myself were sent to a boarding school when they felt we were old enough to be away from home. The girls all found their niche once they were allowed to explore their interests. Felicia got in to the drama club and enjoyed writing, while Kate and Ricki both found an interest in music. I still didn’t know what I wanted to do yet so I read a lot of books, and magazines.

Unlike my siblings I didn’t care for my time at the school, most of the other kids came from well off families and dressed in the latest fashions where I was wearing my brothers old hand me downs, which were always a bit too large. The older kids were especially cruel calling me little Hannah Montana which made me want to get out of there that much sooner.

It was near the beginning of my sophmore year in high school that I started developing an interest in becoming a doctor. Since I didn’t leave my room much, other than to go to class, I started watching re-runs of General Hospital. Initially what drew me to the show was the notion that doctors got all the women, but as I watched it more I realized that I could also help people. From then on I focused on studying biology, anatomy and developing people skills. By the time I graduated and left for college I had gone from being called little Hannah Montana to a nickname that would stick with me for the rest of my life, McDreamy.

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    • Some other employees include Dr. Forrester, Frank, Joel and Mike (so yes he does only take in the Best Brains).

      Also, yes, he does take medicare though he would be happy to perform brain surgery free of charge. As long as you don’t mind only getting part of it back.

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